Tips to Create a Popular Facebook Page for Your Busines
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Every brand today needs social media visibility, and having a popular Facebook page gets half of the job done! The social media giant introduced Facebook Pages back in 2007, and they have made a number of upgrades to this feature over the years. Businesses can bank on this feature to publicize their brand. Through the fan page, you can not only inform your target audience about your brand’s message, but you can also interact with them and offer them quick customer service. Creating a fan page is not essentially difficult, but making it popular may take a bit of out-of-the box thinking. 

If you don’t know how to create a Facebook fan page that will actually attract visitors and fans, here are a few tips that should get you started! 

Design a unique image for your page: 

A custom profile image is more important than you may think. It may appear as a simple component, but it gives you an opportunity to create a great impression on your target audience. A lot of companies simply upload the company logo as the profile image. While this is a common tactic, it can also be damaging. There is a lot that you can do with a bit of creativity, and such unique images appeal to users. You can use this space to display valuable information and your brand’s core identity. Same goes for the timeline cover photo. You can add slogans and other company message on that image. You can even add an arrow pointing towards the “LIKE” button. 

Integrate interesting applications to increase user engagement: 
If you manage to get people to visit your fan page, the last thing you would want is for them to leave immediately. You need to capture their attention, and the best way you can do that is by integrating interesting applications that keeps them hooked. Currently, Facebook has over 55,000 applications, and a large chunk of those applications can be integrated directly to your fan page. For even better user engagement, you can host games, quizzes and contests. Dynamic content will keep users coming back for more. 

Interact with your audience: 
Brands now have the opportunity to participate in user’s conversation on their fan page. The more you interact with your audience, the better your user engagement will be. Therefore, you need to respond to users’ comments on the recent status, photo, video or discussion. Customers also use the fan page to speak their hearts out about the particular brand. Even if they have complaints, you need to attend to them and sort out the problem ASAP. This will show the users that you care about your customers. 

Publish relevant and interesting content:
While it comes as an obvious tip, you would be surprised to see the kind of junk businesses post on their fan page. Posting irrelevant or dull content will damage your reputation. Facebook users have plenty of other options when it comes to finding interesting content. So, they won’t take time before switching to other brand’s page. To keep them on your page, you must provide what they want. If you can keep users from coming back to your page, you will have higher chances of making conversions.