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Bywater Community
SCAD Portfolios
Studio 2

Location: New Orleans, Lousiana
This studio course concentrates on the ways in which a building’s site and environmental context influence
architectural design. Students conduct simple site analyses and make design decisions on that basis. Also the architect students were partner up with a graduate interior designer to work together in creating a wholistic design.

The site is located in Bywater, a mid-19th century neighborhood down river from the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana. As New Orleans faces a future in which widespread abandonment is a real possibility after hurricane Katrina, the residents of Bywater gave us the task of converting an abandoned horse stable into a community center. A building that responds to the city’s new circumstances: a creative rehabilitation of an existing historical building, along with a modern intervention that will serve as the primary space in the center.
Sketches of the site
Site Analysis
Concept - Music breakdown of "I Can't Be Satisfied"

The New Orleans Blues became a strong infl uence during the 1940’s and 1950’s. The Blues became the
inspiration for this project. The sheet music for this project is derived from the song “I Can’t Be Satisfi ed,” by
Muddy Waters. It imbibes the ideals of the Blues with the most popular ways of playing the Blues. The fallowing
are elements that were use to inspire the concept and form of the building.

- Staccato: composed of or characterized by abruptly disconnected elements; disjointed.
- Legato: smooth and connected; without breaks between the successive tones.
- Vibrato: a pulsating effect, produced in music, by the rapid reiteration of emphasis on a tone, and on bowed
instruments by a rapid change of pitch

Process Sketches

After analyzing to “I Can’t Be Satisfi ed,”sketches were developed to evoke the ideals of staccato and how
that can be applied in an architectural contex and form.

In relation to the site, it show that transportation and the fl ow of both pedestrian and vehicular traffi c play a
key role in the form and design of intervention. The rhythm of the existing context will be designed to merge
seemlessly with additional spaces that will be designed. Therefore, causing tension and relaxed circulatory
flow through the site.
West Elevation
North Elevation
Sustainable Features
Final Model
Bywater Community

Bywater Community

Studio 2 Project - Community Center