GE Lighting EMEA Website
GE Lighting EMEA Website
Early concepts, drafts, and final website designs
At first, we came up with a shiny new website for GE Lighting for the EMEA markets.
Soon after, the US team fell in love with our concept and now Mito's plans are followed across the Atlantic too. How cool is that?
Our to do list included the site's information architecture, the graphic design, the functional specification and the front-end development complete with the high life of conference calls across the US, UK, Hungary, Poland, India and Australia. - made at mito
Although the tender called for the submission of a PDF presentation, we first developed an introductory microsite so as to show our layout on screen, framed by a web browser. Just like the real thing.
We came up with two approaches and thanks to GE’s courage; we ended up going with the bolder, more unique version and carried on working together based on this idea.
We created more than 30 different layouts together out of which 60 HTML templates were generated.
Our shared goal was to use state of the art front-end solutions. This is how we arrived at supporting browsers from and above IE8, based on HTML5 Boilerplate.
Other interesting solutions we used include loading jQuery from Ajax CDN, using custom forms and pinning GE locations on custom Google maps.
The country selector was displayed with Canvas.
This was our very first project where we also created a subpage explaining the use of Cookies in accordance with EU regulations.
GE Lighting EMEA Website
Multiple Owners
Peter 'rozmy' Polgar