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    An atypical guide of Vila de Gràcia, one of the most fascinating districts of Barcelona.
Vila de Gràcia
An atypical guide…
Vila de Gràcia is a district of Barcelona which still preserves a certain indipendence from the city to which originally it was separated. Just by walking through its narrow streets it's easy to percieve a peculiar atmosphere totally different from the pther parts of the city.

This guide gives the lector a deeper reading-key of the territory providing answeres to those questions that spontaneously arise getting in contact with this reality. A guide which doesn't show places, streets or points of interest in a didactic way denying the user the magic of discovering a place by his personal experience.

Elisava - Escuela Superior del Diseño de Barcelona
Mudic - Master Universitario en Diseño y Comunicación
Final Master Proyect (PFM)
Professors: Daniel Cid y Rafael Pozo
Academic year: 2011/2012
The structure
The guide
Next to this first edition, it was also promoted the single flayer which represents the main core of the work and which can work by itself.