Platinum Car Polishing 
Logo, Corporate Identity, Brand Management, Stationary, Social Media
Working together with hsm® team, Studio developed a beautiful creative corporate identity for the company Platinum Car Polishing which specializes in polishing & washing, cratch removal & color qualifing, Interior cleaning & cashing, lader protection & cleaning, repair & unholstering leather, repair plastic & burns the installation of insulation and direct customers.

The branding process began with the logo design. Abstract and multicolored symbol referring to the company name, complemented by a professional and clean typography gave the company a dynamic tone and became an ideal starting point for further design work.

Colors included in the sign, transferred onto the corporate identity media such as corporate materials, presentation templates and images refer to the rich and varied offer of Platinum Car Polishing, while appealing to the media and advertising industry. And design of a dynamic and modern social media pages like facebook and twitter couldn’t have been missed, of course.

The creation process covered also the brand architecture. Virtuose, AdCarousel and Shoppouse products received separate symbols, pertaining to the newly designed logo. In addition, we proposed software packages and separate websites for particular products. The entire work was standardized in a clear and friendly manner in a large Corporate Identity Manual.
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