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    Lettering for Free Political Prisoners in Russia campaign.

This project is named June, 9. Which is Freedom for Political Prisoners Day. We were asked to make lettering for t-shirts. We knew, there would be 10 quotes of different length from different people. And we had to finish everything in a month. 

We first started with two sketches. In one we tried to explore emotion from a barbed wire.
Sharp, tenacious, haggard, angry. The second one we wanted to rhyme with the prison bars.
The client liked the second direction. So we started to apply it to all quotes, first drawing quickly rough versions, trying to understand which letter goes where. After we tried all the quotes and proved the idea to be working, we started to draw final versions for all of them.
2 Tipp-ex and 4 markers were completely gone by the time we finished everything :-)
This t-shirt is with names of all political prisoners, whose quotes were used.
All quotes we had in two versions, black and white.