Rebranding VTV 6
Rebranding of the national TV Channel for the Youth in Vietnam
Vietnam’s broadcast landscape is growing rapidly.
With international and local channels presenting a wide variety of content for the youth and young adults that are interested in mainstream show formats and popular culture from around the world. Game challenges, cooking competitions, singing contests, talent shows, popular culture and it’s music in all colours and shapes are omnipresent. The audience's interests are focusing on new technology and new media with a strongly visual awareness.
National Television plays a special role in the media field. It is a role model and has an educative obligation towards the viewers. Visually, it represents the audience’s group identity. The content is from the target group for the target group. People work and live with similar interests. It is a cultural visual identity. Our Mission was to find a balance of the following aspects: sophistication, playfulness and dedication. The solution is to find an angle that we all have in common, where we all connect. We need to communicate playfulness and dedication yet with a sense of tradition using a technique that creates something sophisticated from something simple. The Logo of VTV is in it’s stylized, simplest form is a triangle. A pyramid for the third dimension. From this basic shape, the creation of the logo had to be highly technical and playful. Origami has a long tradition in Asia. It is very playful and has always been popular from children to seniors. It needs skills, dedication to the details, perfection and practice to create a sophisticated shape of art. “You can create anything from just a sheet of paper.” We created 4 abstract forms made of countless connected pyramids, that grow. It illustrates the variety of program content of VTV6 as it connects. Many become one. These shapes are covered by clear reflective coats to simulate a togetherness, a precious belonging. The colourful folding over this objects to reveal the completed logo, gives the technical appeal an organic, human aspect.