Trust Your Eyes, based on the novel by Linwood Barclay, follows the story of a schizophrenic man who is convinced the CIA have tasked him to commit the maps of the world memory. When using a Google Earth-like software to study the streets of New York, he witnesses a violent murder through an apartment window. When him and his brother investigate the crime, they stumble upon a political conspiracy far greater than they could have anticipated.

The titles focus on the idea of a gritty, political conspiracy. This concept makes use of the darker tone of the thriller and its Lower East Side setting to enhance the visual map work and censored documentation. This balance, alongside anonymous human imagery, conveys a sinister sense of conspiracy and grit - in line with the film’s main focus. The viewer is engulfed in the grimy, serious tone of the film from the onset of the titles.



Textures were hand-painted onto canvas in watercolour and acrylic before being scanned, re-coloured and keyed.