Anchor: Campus Crime Prevention
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    a visual advocacy campaign to help students on college campuses feel safe and crime free.
Crime is an ongoing issue, and it's been on the rise due to our economic state. As a case study, the campus and surrounding neighborhood of KCAI, an arts college in Kansas City, is facing a lot of problems with crime, as is the same with many college campuses. Many of the students are the ones falling victim to the issue, because they are unaware of their own personal risk, are ignorant to the information they need, or don’t know how to deal defensively with situations if they happen to arise. Anchor is a preventative campaign that is geared toward students to give them all the necessary components so they can be their own security force.

Many colleges constantly struggle with crime effecting their student body. They may have guards, cameras, etc., yet they are lacking a key way to help prevent crime: empowering and enlightening the student. They need to be more aware of crime, more informed of security information, and need simple ways to staying connected.

In order to empower the students themselves, they need a system that will make them pay attention to risk, informed of security statistics, and more connected with each other and security guards. Crime tagging the environment, a wallet-sized crime booklet, a community website, and iPhone app as a system could do just that.