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    Promotional poster for Southampton Solent university's graphic design end of year show. Invitation would be sent out to local creatives.
Degree Show Promotional Poster
Southampton Solent University - Graphic design
This project was to promote the end of year show for the graphic design department at Southampton Solent University. The brief was to design a promotional poster with an invitation to go alongside it to send out to local creatives. The winning poster would be used to advertise the following years show.

I approached this brief by looking at different quotes about design by famous artists. The one i particularly found interesting was coined by legendary branding designer Paul Rand. The quote i chose was; "Design is so simple, that is why it is so complicated". I chose this quote because it is a very bold statement.

My design was constructed by redesigning and editing Riccardo Sabatini's fantastic 'Mekkanika' typeface. i completely stripped it down and built it back up again to make it far more detailed and busy. The purpose for this typeface was to illustrate the quote i had chosen, although it was only spelling out the simple word "design", it was constructed in a complicated manner.
I also designed southampton Solent University's logo using the same method from scratch to accompany the main piece and to be printed on the invitation.

My exhibition for the degree show will be uploaded in the near future.

Visit www.southamptongraphics.com to see this years graduates' work.