My attempt to this year Nickelodeon short contest.

The story takes place in the middle of Soviet Forest (Canada) in 1979. 

There are three main characters: Piert - the young soviet geologist, Arni - Sasquatch and Komm - tea mushroom live together in the small wooden house in the forest. 

Once Piert got a message about seismic (or another) activity somewhere near by all of them went to check what had happened there. Then they realized that there were just some aliens (or another paranormal activity which Piert doesn't care about much) and they went home to finish their breakfast.
Piert (I tried type Pietr (Пётр) but did it wrong) is a young guy works as a “soviet geologist” and this is not a nationality but a position. Piert has a dream to find a sasquatch one day, that is why he had become a geologist. Piert’s best friend is Arni the sasquatch who lives with him in a wooden cabin but Piert doesn't realize that Arni is a sasquatch (because Arni wears ninja mask ribbon, ninja shoes and ninja gloves).

Piert is a bit selfish, confident, talkative, loud. He likes to show-off, can be really nasty when disappointed with something. But still Piert is a good person. He always shuts the doors in a loud way, and when he does that always a picture fall from the wall.
Arni (armored ninja → ar ni → arni → ami → [fr] friend) is a sasquatch who is a ninja/samurai that is why nobody has ever seen him (or maybe because nobody wanted to see him). Reasonable, smart, a bit dull, calm, he rages only when plays computer games. His voice is low and deep and he talks slowly. His speeches are complex and a bit old-fashioned with a lot of bookish words (which unfortunately I don’t know a lot). When he doesn't want to talk about something or doesn’t want to do household duties he disappears in smoke, shadow or just take a cab and before does that he would says some samurai wise/pointless haiku which nobody (even him) understands.
Komm (tea mushroom → kombucha → komm) Bankovitz is a tea mushroom, very communicative talkative and friendly. A bit stupid, annoying and it is really hard to offend him. But people are not much friendly with him and not because they’re rude, but because sometimes they don’t know (understand) that he is a person (character) and not just a detail of a background. His favourite thing is to give high-fives but nobody has ever gave him a high-five. He can talk with other types of mushrooms such as fungus and regular ones, but they also don’t like to talk with him (this time because they’re rude). Komm can't breath without water (like fish) also can't talk outside the water. The reason why he lives with Piert and Arni is because Piert’s granny gave it to him some time ago. In soviet Russia tea mushrooms were almost in every house.