City of God
DVD Cover
I was asked to create a DVD cover, with expressive typography in mind, for a film of my choosing. I ended up picking "City of God", which is one of favorite films of all time. It is a true story, set in a favela by the name of Cidade de Deus (City of God) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In the midst of oppressive crime and violence a young boy grows up to see his harsh surroundings with a different eye: the eye of a photographer. The story is set around him and the people that he knows and grows up with in the slum.

The storyline is rough and often very violent and focuses mostly on the struggle for power between different characters and groups of people. It becomes clear that it is next to impossible to achieve anything higher in life or to merely live a peaceful life in the slum, since the people keep oppressing one another in the constant struggle for power.

With the main illustration on the front I wanted to capture the oppression and power struggle, by having a hand push down on a distressed face. The texture in the background was created with the Brazilian flag and old disintegrating paint in mind. I wanted the type to stand out, in order to keep the balance between the title and the illustration, which is why I made it white. The typography was made by hand, in a grungy way, to reflect the life on the street in a Brazilian slum.