Caption: Travelling irons are commonly stored in the main compartment of a luggage, occupying unnecessary spaces. By slipping the body of the iron into the handle, Slite compacts itself into a linear form which enables storage in almost every of part of a luggage especially those under-utilized compartments.

Slite works on the concept of a detachable handle that encases the iron body when not in use. In this way, the
pragmatic usage of an iron is not sacrifice and could be compacted for storage whenever necessary.

Slite's linearity made storage positioned between clothes or at any corner of inside a luggage easier; especially those under-utilized components. The power plug is made detachable so that the user can choose to coil it around the iron or to keep it separately.

The sliding gesture for the button allows for a more consistent and user friendly control, and one which also suggests linearity and mobility which is in line with the overall aesthetic of the product.