Work: August 2016

In August, I began bring in more of my loves, likes and influences, including some from the toy world...

Unfortunately, my Apple Display broke towards the end of August and it was shipped off for repair 
- so I couldn't really make much art during last few weeks of August and then until the middle of September. So I missed a lot of time making art. Here is what I produced during the month of August.
^ "Awesome 1" - based on something everybody loves - LEGO!!!
^ "Awesome 2" - based on something everybody loves - LEGO!!!
^ "K2S0" - based on the new droid from the upcoming Star Wars movie 'Rogue One'
^ "Experiment 4" - just an hour long experiment in drawing with technical pen and colouring in Photoshop.
^ "Mr. J" - Illustration on Jared Leto's Joker from the movie 'Suicide Squad'
Technical pen on marker paper, digitally coloured using Photoshop CC

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