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    Motion design for an Awards Show in Ghana.
Project was truncated before all images/videos were produced but we'd like to share what we were able to create for the project.
The animation is an abstract take on what we think photography is - Light+form+shade/color+darkness.

The process of composing a good photograph is what we tried to depict in the animation. The elegance of the plaque is what we tried to capture in the final seconds with a slow zoom in. It is meant to be abstract and provoke a certain level of reaction+thought and not meant to be literal at all. Even the distortions are intentional to give an idea of what refraction and reflections of light are visible and invisible to the eye.

Form is only perceived in the presence of light. The 'form' of photography as illusory as it is cannot be captured in images that don't communicate the complexities or the elusiveness of the process of making the perfect picture. The images are consequences of the procedural nature of making images and that we think makes it artistic.

In our deliberations with a number of photographers they gave us feedback on how much it communicated the idea of photography plus where we fell short and managed to inculcate all their critique into the final animation.

We think these style frames are simple enough to communicate the abstract idea that photography is and tries to capture.