Visual Identity
The goal of this project for me was to, for the first time, make a whole visual identity from beginning to end, and play around a little. As I didn't have a real client, I made one up.

The Company/Brand
The company is an ice cream company that makes a large amount of different unique flavors of ice cream, but next to that it's a cafe too. As other ice cream brands mostly have this 'creamy', even 'fat' look, this one was supposed to be different and have a clean, tasteful, playful, modern and stylish feeling to it, with a hint of industrialism, which would be seen in the interior also. As the brand doesn't exist, neither does the interior, but it would look something like this, only completely black and white, a bit more generic and with a few turquoise and magenta details here and there.

The Name
Why not go for the basics and name an ice cream company plainly - cream. While I was thinking about the name, I thought that cream was, as a word itself, very typographically compact and simple, and by being so simple yet effective it also demonstrated the core of the whole visual identity.

The Logo
As for the logo, it came from the well known phrase "ice cream with a cherry on top" that symbolizes utter ice cream pleasure. Also, putting anything too ice-creamy as the logo was too typical for me, so I thought that the cherries were perfect - they have a connection to ice cream yet they are not a literal picture or have the literal sense of it.

Well, i guess that's that.
Thank you!