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    Limited edition poster illustration commemorating a secret show for the thrash metal band, Anthrax, under the name "Satan's Lounge Band".
Satan's Lounge Band
Limited Edition Illustrated Poster
In 2011, while in New York City for their famed "Big 4" concert at Yankee Stadium, thrash-metal icons Anthrax performed a secret show at the Best Buy Theater under the guise of their other moniker, Satan's Lounge Band.

To commemorate the show, I created a limited edition poster to serve as a giveaway to the lucky fans who witnessed the stellar performance. Building on the "lounge band" concept, I decided to illustrate the members of Anthrax in a way that would feel like a light-hearted, 50's/60's era lounge act while maintaining their reputation for being thrash metal icons.

Each band member started as a hand drawing, which was then scanned and taken into Adobe Illustrator. Using simple, colored shapes and no rendering or shading, they took on a life of there own as they rocked out in the depths of hell, surrounded by an army of equally appropriate demons and hell-spawns.