Category: Print
Ideamakers: Viktória Babjaková & Lukáš Lukonič
Copywriter: Lukáš Lukonič
Art Director: Viktória Babjaková
Brief: B2C campaign focused on students and young people that will single out our inability to learn from events/lessons of history. The campaign that should make young people aware about wider social context of their opinions, judgements and strong beliefs that effect coexistence with ethnic, social, racial and religious minorities. It also should make young people more sensitive and able to recognize signals that might lead to limitations of freedom, promote injustice or extremism.

Our idea: To make print which resemble lottery ticket – it has part you can scrape and find out if you are a winner. We call it Slovak National Lottery, because word "national" and "nation" are often used to cover extremist and xenophobic motifs in public discussion.
After you scrape this ticket, you will find out different symbols of religions, nations, but three the same, "winning ones" are swastikas. This should shock and make people think that "Life is not a lottery" and even though you see and feel a lot of extremist, racist, xenophobic or whatever statement of hate around you, you have not to let it win. "Extremism cannot win."