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    A sampling of special projects.
Consulting designer for Harveys seatbelt bags, Fall/Winter 2016 http://shopharveys.com/
Harveys inspiration board
An original Bonnie Cashin cheetah print canvas fabric and kiss-lock tote design were reproduced from her archives for the Bonnie Cashin Foundation. All proceeds to benefit the foundation.

"Every woman should have an animal print something in her closet. The easiest item to pull off is either a pair of shoes or a bag, and if you need the latter, I’ve found one that is gorgeous and doesn’t have a comma in the price tag. Neal Decker teamed up with the Bonnie Cashin Foundation to produce a tote from Cashin’s design archive, with the original cheetah print Cashin canvas and brass closures. A collectible and—to my mind—a bargain." NEW YORK magazine article: http://nymag.com/shopping/bestbets/wednesday/19113/ 
Bonnie Cashin: Chic Is Where You Find It by Stephanie Lake available from Amazon: http://amzn.to/2dPbgzs

"An exhilarating look at the quintessential American modernist, acclaimed for her "Auntie Mame" lifestyle, her iconoclastic approach to fashion, and her visionary designs for the modern American woman. A talented artist who happened to become a fashion designer, Bonnie Cashin was brilliant, free-spirited, and unconventional in all she did. Revered for her intellectual and independent approach to fashion, Cashin changed the way women dressed with her revolutionary, forward-thinking approach to life. She designed chic, functional clothing for the modern woman "on the go"—women like herself who loved to travel and lived life to the fullest. The most successful independent fashion designer of her day, Cashin worked outside the fashion industry, yet is arguably the most influential designer of our time, revered in the fashion world and a muse for designers working today. Cashin is credited with many fashion "firsts," including introducing the concept of layering and championing such timeless shapes as ponchos, tunics, and kimonos. She is acclaimed for inventing the "it bag," with her classic handbag designs for Coach in the early 1960s. Brimming with a half-century of creative work, Bonnie Cashin celebrates the designer’s incredible, well-traveled life and her revolutionary designs with an unflinching, happy elegance. "
Consulting designer for a collection of bags + accessories for Stetson
Domino gros point and black leather for F. Schumacher & co. fabrics.