Scottsdale, Arizona is a sunny, upscale getaway destination that needed to get its mojo back. After working with Experience Scottsdale on an extensive brand position and identity project, and creating a new ad campaign, we turned our attention to redesigning their website. 

The question at hand: how do we give Scottsdale travelers a double shot of inspiration and information, in a way that feels as effortlessly revitalizing as the rest of the brand?

Director of Client Services: Jeremy Chase
Account Supervisor: Machel Devin
Director of Strategy: Jennifer Hughes
Senior Digital Strategist: Ben Peters
UX Designer: Sarah Higgins
Director of Production: Katherine Cochran
Senior Producer: Heather Holt-Lister
Digital Producer: Essie Nagler
Creative Director: Alexandra Fuller
Interactive Design Director: Abe Levin
Interactive Designers: Joanna Papaleo, Nadya Bratt