It´s cool to be 5
It´s cool to be 5 years
"It´s cool to be five", is a children´s book I published in February 2011. 
The book is on sale in Spain from the Publisher web.
It´s cool to have 5 years
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It´s Cool to have 5 years by Ivan Solbes and Jose Mª Mayorga.
2º Edition
It is great to be at your "magical age", every body laughs out loudwith the things you say.
Bottom ha ha ha
Pee - haha hahaha
Tits ha ha ha
Be careful, you little rascal, you´re going to far...
**I have found out that if I say my belly aches when I do not like my lunch, my parents get annoyed, but they do not insist.**
The down side is later they catch me out when I ask for icecream.I think I should use my tactics sparingly,
When my father came in a good mood spend a lot of time telling me a story.
and makes funny voices...
and ugly faces...
But when he's angry he doesn't do anything of that, as if I have the faces
My mum it´s very good at laughing. I like to play with my mums tits, they are so smooth. She laughs and hold my hands back because she says it tickled her.
I love to make mum and dad nervious. It´s so easy. If they give me macaroni, I ask for soup; if they give me soup, I ask for rice.
Yesterday I took a whack.. and I los a teeth.
My parents say, it is ok, it s a milk tooth.
But they now nothing. How it will be milk, if it´s no hard?
The good news is that I can spit further than Hugo Fernandez,
I like going to school... but sometimes not.
I´m a boy and I have a willy. Julia my cousin doesn´t have any, but she thinks she will when she´s five like me.
Sometimes I have nightmares, and I have a big rough time. I dream a tiger is going to eat me, a snakes come after me, a white shark bites my belly.
My parents say nobody is going to hurt me, but hey, they do not belive in monsters.
I am pretty good at scarfing. It´s one of my favourite things.
I love to play with my dad
and play
He does not know how, but I am teaching him
I have found out
I can climb a tree
I can throw a ball quite far
I can play hopscotch
I can tie my own shoe lace
I can bowl a ball, many times in a row.
Sometimes I even think if mum and dad would forget to come back home one night, I could survive if my nose keeps as productive as it is now,
 And that is all, definitely it is cool to have 5 years
To Jorge and InesInspirers of this book and of my life.To Victor and to Manolo.
The love we have to both and what you to teach to us is in these pages.
Jose Maria Mayorga is advertising
Their job is to tell interesting stories to people
But it is also father,
 and he has found that many of the stories their children read do not engage 
because they do not deal with intelligence. 
So he started writing his own.

Ivan Solbes is illustrator.His job is to speak with images, shapes, colors.Own a radically personal style, beautifully mutant,
of his overwhelming imagination come out characters that keep anchored within you.
This book is his first, and successful publishing experience.
Editor: Ricardo Esteban Plaza
Inside cover
Imagination, creativity, thrill, curiosity, optimism, trust, energy ... that´s your territory when you are 5 years.
It depends on oneself to stay living there.
To all those who are five.
"Letras" Book Shop, Madrid. Presentation of It´s cool to be five.Jose Mª Astorga - Iván SolbesBecause true freedom is think like a child.
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It´s cool to be 5

It´s cool to be 5

It´s cool to be five, a modern book for children.