V is for Villains: Miniature Top Hats
Design and Construction of Mini Top Hats for Merchandise
To appeal to the steampunk population even more, I decided to craft miniature top hats for the band to sell at shows.

They are about 5"x5", and are designed to mirror the costumes of each band member. They can be attached to the hair by alligator clip, hair comb, or headband.
Mini Mr. Agitator Top Hat

Based off of Mr. Agitator's actual top hat, down to the shape, goggles, and tails.
Mini Fallon Flynn Top Hat

 Based off of Fallon Flynn's costume design, which features his iconic stacked red bars.
Mini Veronica Jade Top Hat

 Based off of Veronica Jade's color scheme and feminine wiles.
Mini Pulse Top Hat

 Based off of The Pulse's costume design, featuring his staple bandanas.
Band member photos courtesy of MAES Photography