I-412 Animal Services Pet Adoption & Protection Center
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    AIA Tampa Bay Design Awards 2016
LIVS Associates & Bacon Group, Inc.
Miami-Dade’s Animal Services Pet Adoption and Protection Center resides within a newly renovated 70,000 Sq. Ft. warehouse. Perforated aluminum sheets with cutout silhouettes of dogs and cats were used to transform the old façade and show the use and character that lie just behind them. Within the lobby, a playful “chandelier sculpture” and cylindrical elevator accentuate the double height space while an illuminated information desk adds a splash of color and the “Cat Bridge” draws you deeper into the structure.

The concept behind the main circulation was to provide a shopping like experience as one looks for a pet to adopt. A “Mall” like corridor runs along the east-west axis of the existing warehouse and with its exposed structure and skylight above, the space feels open and airy while filled with diffused light. The entry of the Mall is highlighted by two feature rooms that house the dogs of the week. Flanking the north and south sides of the Mall are the “Stores” or kennels used to house the other dogs who are up for adoption. Within these spaces are walls of alternating benches that not only create visual barriers for the animals, but also provide another opportunity to get acquainted. At the end of the main corridor, acting as visual terminus, is the Pet Pavilion, which is an elliptical glass enclosed space used as a meeting room, educational space, and an area for exhibits and/or public events.

The adaptive reuse of this thirty year old warehouse into a state-of-the-art animal rescue facility makes this project the largest climate controlled animal shelter in the country. With the objective in mind to provide total care for the animals and enhanced customer services, this design provides advanced veterinary medical services coupled with a playful environment that is inviting to the public.  This in turn will perpetuate an environment that is conductive to the ultimate goal of successful pet adoptions and humane care.