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    Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and loan sites like Kiva are inspiration for my idea to launch a crowdfunding site dedicated to private inves… Read More
    Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and loan sites like Kiva are inspiration for my idea to launch a crowdfunding site dedicated to private investment in Greece on a digital platform fueled by democratic and capitalistic ideals. I need your help to kickstart this site that can help revitalize the Greek economy, which in turn, can affect European and global economies en mass. Read Less

Born in a Greek-American family of entrepreneurs, I am inspired to finda way to kickstart the economy of my parents' homeland - Greece. Havingbeen to Greece over a dozen times over the years for studies and holidays, Ihave a personal connection to the country. Whether it's our textbooks ortoday's news, the Greeks are a highly publicized group of people that seem tomake history – both good and bad. For some reason, this small nation with apopulation of 11 million, seems to impact the sociopolitical and economicalstability on both a European and global level. For me, it is a raw livinginspiration and case study for sociologists, anthropologists, politicalanalysts, economists, scientists, artists, etc (as it has continued to be fromancient times).

Despite the turmoil, hope endures and opportunity arises. I propose launching a crowdfunding website focused on revitalizing the Greek economy; one that will target private investors andentrepreneurs to build the country from the ground up. Viewing Greece as the global economiccrisis' Gordian knot, a present-day Alexander must rise up and cut through all the bureaucratic,corporate, special-interest, red tape bull**** that has brought this significant country to it's knees and positioned it for socioeconomic rape andpillage (Greek-style).

Much global publicity can be anticipated for a crowdfunding site focused on revitalizing the Greekeconomy. Entrepreneurs from the Greek diaspora have built fortunes in the UnitedStates, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany - all around the world – these living successstories can become the starter dough to help Greece rise again and in turn, bring stability to its nationaleconomy, Europe and the global economic scene. This crowdfunding site can mobilize the diaspora and their counterparts in Greece.

Who says that elected technocrats, politicians and urban planners have all theanswers? Thinkers - simple and seasoned people alike can give birth toinspiring and successful ideas, business plans, etc. Should Greeks andaspiring entrepreneurs alike rely on lottery winners, angel investors andventure capitalists living on Mount Olympus to stimulate their economy andprovide a livelihood? No. Hades no! A site like this democratizes thinking and mobility. It can transform Greece into a positive economic and entrepreneurialcase study, with idea categories like: tourism, agriculture,transportation, technology, consumer goods, arts, etc.

So let’s launch a site and crowdfund Greece! The potential for success is boundless.

Curious to see if this works? Perhaps we should seek out some investors via a crowdfunding site...


Dimitris Alexandrou photographed by Predrag Pajdic
Image borrowed for inspiration from: http://yatzer.com/Hail-O-Hail-Liberty