H-800 Sarasota High School Renovation
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    AIA Tampa Bay Design Awards 2016
Harvard Jolly Architecture
Paul Rudolph’s historic Sarasota High School’s building set the tone for the rest of the accomplished architect’s career. Built on the existing campus in 1959, the exterior modernist design has withstood the test of time and is on the National Historic Registry. The modernization of the 1950’s education facilities required maintaining the historic aspects of the existing architecture while providing educations and students with access to latest technology and educational pedagogy.

The restoration of the existing building involved extensive detailed work on the intricate façade with a large effort on preserving the edge of roof details. The open air breezeways were preserved and entryway stairs faithfully reconstructed, all in support of this building becoming the primary entrance for the entire campus.

 Sarasota High School project included the scope of evaluating and upgrading the existing exterior envelope assemblies to meet the current codes and district design guidelines.  Extensive research was done by the design team and independent moisture consultant to evaluate the appropriate systems to be applied to the existing historic structures.  As one of the main buildings being renovated is on the architectural historic registry, our team evaluated the impact of the envelope upgrades on the character and integrity of the existing architecture.  Careful balance was achieved between the aesthetics and the performance characteristics of the envelope upgrades.

Deputy Superintendent Scott Lempe says: “the rehabbed structure is a “win-win” for staff, students and the architecture community.”

“As you walk up to the school today, your arrival experience is very much like it was in 1959,“ Lempe said during a recent tour. “The students of Sarasota High School have the best experience in the county today because of what was done on the inside of the building.”