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    AIA Tampa Bay Design Awards 2016
Wanting an office located in a more prominent location of Tampa, international law firm, Greenberg Traurig, decided to move to the Bank of America tower in downtown. This relocation gave them the opportunity to create a workplace that reflects the progressive nature of their firm. Drawn to the tower for its expansive views of the river and bay, Greenberg Traurig wanted a space that capitalized on those assets. After evaluating the firm’s culture and business goals, the idea of a briefcase became the inspiration for the design concept. This object represents durability, elegance, and the idea of being rooted in tradition, but having adapted and evolved with style and grace over the years.

The office design features many workplace trends within the legal industry, such as flexible conference spaces, glass-front offices, hospitality-like cafe, and ubiquitous technology. The reception area and conference center feature beautifully stitched leather and polished stainless steel, resonating with the briefcase concept. Features within the conference center include telescoping glass walls and Skyfold partition to accommodate varying meeting sizes. The large conference rooms off of the reception open up completely to create a flexible space that is used for hosting community events as well as large training sessions. Offices have glass fronts to maximize natural light and provide views to all employees.

Workrooms within the space have technology embedded, so that teams can work seamlessly and be more sustainable. In the previous space, attorneys chose to dine out at restaurants due to the dated breakroom. The new café has a restaurant-like feel, with tufted banquettes, and comfortable, elegant seating. This space has been a big draw for attorneys and staff members, and encourages socialization. Throughout the space, durable finishes with a classic aesthetic were selected to allow both the space and design to stand up over time.