Crab_Work hub

An idea for a double story work hub
This is an office idea i have started working on the side. Inspired by lunar landers & crabs.

These are early shots, still got lots to build. Want to have 2 floors. Downstairs for designers in an open work environment, upstairs a meeting room and bathroom .

Behind the main entrance pillars,industrial hydrolics, to lift the entire mid structure, keeping the road entrance stairsx3 immobile, blocking entry for lock down (up !). Glass walls, will not be flush to the base, leaving room to walk around the structure on 1st floor. Uploading simple renders first, to explain structure.

Later, i will start doing the interior. If you wish to view high res files, please visit link below, click on individual images, it will open in new tab in original resolution.

Thanks for looking .

Start of 3d ideation.
First visual of the Hub in city environment.
This layout was done to show ground elevation , which results in a Lock Down (up) for all 3 stair entrances.
A mountain setup for the Hub. Sipping your coffee, taking a break with your best buddy Wolf surrounded by an amazing mountain view
Welcome ! Congratulations on being selected to a 15 week design workshop . Each group will consist of 4 members and stay at their allocated Hub. All groups will interact with eachother during work hours, through live Cam communication & brain storm sessions. Breakfast is at 8am, first class of the day is at 9am sharp. Lunch is at 13.30pm and you are free to roam inside premises for an hour. End of play is at 4.30pm .Keys to your snowbikes are in your hub. Each bike has your name on it, please do not use other people's vehicles. We urge you to listen to your selected Hub manager, for additional information you may require. Any other questions, please dial Hub Central . You are free to do what you want, after work hours. Welcome to snow mountain Design Hub Central. We hope you enjoy your time !