Mobile phone service provider design & Branding
A design & branding project for University in conjunction with UNIFORM design agency based in Liverpool.

Design Brief:
Develop the brand strategy and brand identity for a new player in the mobile phone market.

I began by exploring the market for any gaps that I felt would be profitable for a phone company. I discovered that there were a lot of monthly contract companies that offered a good varied package, but none that had a value for money offer. So I decided that I would explore the options of 'Pay as you go' company that was all online & offered the customers unlimited internet usage and a call & text allowance per month.

Everything in today's society is done online so I thought I would remove the call centres and human interaction in order to save on employee costs and create a more user friendly environment. This company was aimed at the younger generation and would be a simple top up & receive, style of operation.

Below are my more progressed design implements that I used, along with some of the branding and how I used them. I haven't included any of the earlier design work as I felt it was unnecessary to show you everything.
A shout out to everyone who helped us with the project at UNIFORM.
To visit their website, just click this link.
Final Logo with colour schemes.
Billboard poster design & real life placement 
Simcard design 
App Design advertising
Various Logo design ideas