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    Skate deck exhibition curated by myself and Shaun Gardner under
PLANK was a skate deck exhibition that was organized and curated by myself and Shaun Gardner as a B-Familiar event. We teamed up with Revolution, LRG and Red Bull to combine our love for skating and art in the form of PLANK. 

We gave 30 of Cape Town’s most loved artists a second hand deck that’s had a tricked out life under the feet of Cape Town's favorite skaters, and told them to turn it into an art work. 

Participating artists included; Shaun Gardner, Travys Owen, Jason De Villiers, Paul Senyol, Ninjabreadboy, Ian Jepson, Marchand, Motel 7, Jack Walsh, Simon Berndt, Mike Tymbios, Tyler Murphy, Tuscani Cardoso, Hanno Van Zyl, Nathan Fourie, Suzy Snakes, Justus Kotze, Ryan Griffiths, Bruce Mackay, Ryan De Carte, Mike Van Der Meer, Jay Gordon, Haabroek, Mr Fuzzy Slipperz, Ben Johnston, Rowan Foxcroft, Sharleen Hollick, Alice Edy, and of course, Shit Bag.
The exhibition was held at The Pit in Cape Town, which is home to a rad mini ramp that people were able to skate during the show.

Ryan Griffiths
Paul Michael Charles