Innovation Creative Space
This is a re-brand project that I did last year for Innovation, an art school in São Paulo, Brazil. In addition to the visual system, I suggested a readjustment to it´s name in order to conform it to their new vision. Anteriorly called Innovation Creative Studio, the new name expresses what they become, a collaborative space for artists and students.

To represent that into a symbol, I used the arrows inside a circle, which means in this case the synergy of a space like ICS and the dynamism of their continuous growth and evolution. As you might see, the arrows points upward / downward, but also up left and down right diagonally (movement, different points of view, working together).

Finally, the last change was on school´s domain from innovationstudio.com.br to http://www.ics.art.br. Great school and great fellas I found there, worth visiting their site!