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Tintin – Making of the 'Sceptre d'Ottokar'
Tintin – King Ottokar's Spectre' prop
Here is a short Making Of  the 'Le Spectre d'Ottokar' (King Ottokar's Sceptre).
I couldn't find the Sceptre from Tintins adventures anywhere. As a Tintin fan and prop maker I decided to try making one myself.  Tintin havs since childhood been one of my favourite comic book characters, but it wasn't until I came upon my old Tintin albums last year again, that a merciless but pleasant nostalgia kicked in and I decided to bring his adventures to my shelves for 'real'.
     – I hope you like it!

Almost ready, here it is still missing the patina and jewels.

Left: The very beginning. An idea and a piece of MDF. The sketch shows. First I had to estimate its size. I cross measured lots of 'real' references with Tintin in the albums and came up with Tintin's length. Although the sceptre size varies in the album, I got a pretty good idea.
Right: First cuts showing a pleasant rhythm of shadows.

Left: Rounding shapes. Adding a fuller chest and back.
Right: Lots of detailed filing. I wanted every feather to continue naturally to the back so the edge needed some extra care.
Adding the pecker which is exceptionally big on this heraldic pelican also made it a bit more difficult to cast.

Left: Coating and sanding several times over till I got a really smooth surface.
Right: Still sanding...

Left: Need to scalp the birdie unfortunately to mount the crown on later after casting (to fine detail in the crown to be sand cast). Right: All sanding done! Ready ready for aluminum casting.

Left: Aluminum cast straight from the oven.
The sand cast messed up the surface a bit and it will need a hole lot of sanding again. I also need to put the metal crown in place.

Copper handle with brass rings and an aluminum cast head. The pelican is 'crowned' too, ready to be gold-plated.

Thanks for watching!

Tintin – Making of the 'Sceptre d'Ottokar'


Tintin – Making of the 'Sceptre d'Ottokar'

As a Tintin fan and prop maker, not finding an Ottokar Sceptre anywhere, it was obvious to make one myself. Here is a short making of. Hope you l Read More