From a defined repertoire of graphic elements, visual applications are to be developed in the form of a style guide according to certain creative rules. The aim of the task is to create examples of a clear visual appearance with clear repertoire of as simple graphical elements as possible.

I created a visual identity for a fictional brand for high performance tents called HIGHPEAK using the repertoire.
The System
Triangles with radiuses 3, 5, 8 are the base of the grid. The triangles are put together so they meet in the lower left corner. Through stacking and juxtaposition a pattern is created, whereof you can create, for example, the logo. If you connect the tips, lines and areas are created for further use, for example the logo.
The Colors
The Fibonacci numbers are used for the colors. The primary colors are formed by 89% each in two of the four channels CMYK. The secondary colors are 89% in one and 55% in one formed another channel. The tertiary colors are each formed by 55% in two channels. Also the gradient between the colors can be used.
The Typography
Headlines are set in VIGA by Fontstage. The font has round corners but also hard edges — like a cozy tent that is used in a harsh environment. The copy is set in Karla Regular by Jonathan Pinhorn.
The Application
With a simple set of rules and guidelines a variable grid is generated. The angles are also used for creating patterns or other graphical elements.
T-Shirts with a printed pattern created from various mountain shapes.
Lightweight packaging for the tents.
Posters and businness cards.
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