Slow Internet? You Can Try These Ideas
In this modern age, things are being done differently. Majority of web users are only patient for 3-5 seconds.The sites are abandoned when the web doesn’t load within the space of 3 seconds. Also, apps are left when the functioning is slow or if the web refuses to open.In fact, there is nothing more frustrating like a very poor Internet network. It seems fast and cheap Internet services are required by all but most people do not know the exact speed they really need to work within the first instance. The first step is to understand the different Internet connections available.

Know the different kinds of Internet Connections

There are several Internet connections, but the most preferred choice by everyone is Wi-Fi. Although, many devices can be connected instantly, Wi-Fi is still one of the sluggish forms of the Internet connections. This Internet speed that is obtained can be likened to cable and digital subscriber line (DSL) connections. Dial-up gives everyone an opportunity to plug in to discover the web world, which is peculiar and delightful. It is fun in a way, even if the loading time of each page lasts for some minutes. In any case, if the Internet is relatively slow and loading time is a matter of urgency, here are few ideas you can apply to save the situation:

Other users such as neighbors and the home can be part of the connection.
Get a router to transmit the technology and procedures.
The gadgets should be positioned at a distance.

Purchase of a Router

Ensure you read all the specifications pertaining to router before purchasing one. 

Currently, the wireless standard operates at a top speed of several GB per second, but this new standard hasessentialrequirements that is worth knowing:

It functionssolely on a band of 5GHz.
It needs80 or 160 MHz bandwidth

Positioning of the Router

There is a right way you are expected to place your router at home in order to perform maximally, and thefundamentals are:

It must be centrally located.
It should be placed outside the house.
You must manipulate the router’s antenna to receive better signals.

Internet speed for single device

If you need an Internet speed for yourlaptop or PC, here are other four choices to make:
Receive the Internetvia the telephone lines (DSL)

People resident in isolated areas should go for subscription, though expensive, but it is quite fast using Satellite.

You can subscribe to Charter Spectrum Internet, a type of Cable Internet.The packageisfairlycheap and has some attractions such as free modem, bundled security apps attached to it. This is faster than DSL.

Fiber is another form ofInternet connection. It tends to be the most expensive and also the fastestHigh-tech organizations and data centers typically subscribe to this.

Instant Quick Speed Fixes

Take these subsequent steps when there is need toincrease Internet speed on the spot:

Improve the Wireless Channel using Wi-Fi stumbler, which is able to scan all channels and pick the best network for your system at that point in time.

Modify the DNS (Domain Name System) server. A manual search for a superior DNS server can have a faster Internet outcome.

There should be a routine check on the system.Adware and spyware are dangerous viruses that gradually destroy the system’s bandwidth, and this invariablyslows the web.
Slow Internet? You Can Try These Ideas

Slow Internet? You Can Try These Ideas

Slow Internet? You Can Try These Ideas

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