IVETA prozori i vrataBrand identity + web + video

is one of the biggest manufacturers of in Croatia. Since 1992., the latest trends and cutting-edge technology are introduced in the production. Partnerships with leading companies in the industry allow us to forefront the quality of our products on the market in the region. Highof the production process that uses allow Iveta windows and doors to take care of your home, but also the environment.

Because of the environmental aspects of business, the primary color is .  are shown through modernity and simplicity of the sign as a symbol of recognition.

Iveta web design and development

After six months of successful collaboration with Iveta d.o.o. from Bjelovar, we have learned all there is to know about the manufacturing process and features of PVC and ALU carpentry, and about the current state of affairs in the Croatian market as well. :)

Currently, Iveta d.o.o. is one of the strongest companies in the carpentry business, and it is celebrating its . To mark this special anniversary, and considering the expanding strategy aimed at the European market that the company is pursuing, it was decided that a thorough makeover was in order: rebranding, a new website and an elaborate strategy for its presence on the internet (SEO, SEM, content, link-buliding, content marketing), a corporate video and marketing materials.

The web page was officially released on February the 5th and, what's most important for the client, we've recorded some during the first five months:

All of this is a natural effect of dedicated and diligent work, and investments directed towards a website and marketing. The client could finally see real proof that investing in digital promotion pays off, while reaping all the benefits of this fruitful approach.

Different headers are used throughout the site. Here are some of them:

Iveta promo video

The entire website redesign and rebranding of the company are completed with a . See how Iveta manufacturing process looks like and what are the origins of the idea told by the people at the top -

In pre-production stage we 'scanned' the entire facility with professional remarks from the staff and designed a storyboard for the video. Location shooting was done in one day, and the 'smoothing' in post-production lasted for 5 days. In this project we first used the new film equipment -, which have greatly contributed to the dynamics of the frames.