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    packaging design for Ya'ax Ché Spa honey-based product line
Sunset World: Ya’ax Ché Spa
Pratt Institute / Graduate Communications Design Guild / Fall 2011 - Spring 2012
Sunset World is a vacation experience company in Mexico that encompasses six hotels, six spas, an equestrian center, a yacht club, car rental, marina, travel agency, and a marketing arm with full service call centers around the world. Ya’ax Ché Spa is the company’s in-house spa, designed to bring a balance to the mind, body, and spirit with nature, based on ancient Mayan wisdom and advanced body health techniques. In 2011, the Spa came across the idea of beekeeping (which is a tradition in the Yucatan Peninsula that dates back thousands of years), and developed a concept of honey-based products that would fit well in the needs of the hotels as well.

This project consists of conceptual designs for the development of Ya’ax Ché Spa honey-based product line to be used as amenities placed in the rooms and to be sold as gifts for hotel guests.

I wanted to create a design that respects Mayan culture and philosophy, and also shows the aspect of honey. I designed a honeycomb pattern with a Mayan color palette, using graphic elements (concentric shapes) from Ya’ax Ché’s existing logo. The pattern is arranged to look like dripping honey, that also resembles traditional Mayan textiles.
existing logo
soap bar
sewing kit with muslin bag and tag
honeycomb pattern