Kickstarter Promo video for the Masterthief card game campaign on Kickstarter. Masterthief by @sparrgames.

Goal: Raise $15,000
Outcome: $48,000
Two good relatively okay guys make one great game. 

Hometown friends Jacob Spencer and Jacob Parr created Sparr Games to release their first card game, Masterthief. Parr is a talented designer in his own right, and Jake and Jacob make a dashing duo of game designers. They asked if I could help out with their kickstarter vid, to which I said, but of course.

Here's what came out. Responsible for edit, direction, motion, audio, all the goodies. We shot this down and dirty with one camera, a flashlight, and the worlds worst microphone. The natural chemistry of these two best friends and their added imagination on the shoots really made this piece what it is. It's always good to have another designer in the room and a fun product to work with!

The game was seeking $15,000 from kickstarter, but with the help from the video, Jacob's on page graphics, and Jake's steady hand on the kickstarter boards and channels, they managed to raise an impressive $48,000! Now that's how you launch your first card game. 

I've seen the first produced game, holofoil cards and all the goodies which will make their way to backers soon. It is gorgeous! Congrats fellas.