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    Provided styling direction for St. Regis Hotels to be implemented in all existing locations.
St. Regis Signature Styling

The opportunity to style areas within a property or for events is necessary in order to promote the brand image and maintain a high level of standards for design, space and functionality. Signature styling ensures that each space enhances the St. Regis experience by incorporating decorative accents, fresh botanical arrangements, a collection of book titles and other items appropriate to a hotel’s location. Styling vignettes for meetings, events and seasonal transitions presents the opportunity to showcase the St. Regis brand and allure potential guests to the idea of refined luxury.

Sensory Set-up

Styling conference rooms shows what a typical set-up should be for corporate meetings that take place at hotels. The table set-up should include books, silver framed pictures, a sculptural or botanical centerpiece, leather blotters, notepads, stainless steel holders for sparkling and still water, mints and leather cases filled with supplies.

Rendering of Sensory Set-up for Conference Rooms

Actual set-up st St. Regis New York

Individual Place Setting Components
Embossed Leather Box
Each individual setting includes a leather box embossed with the St. Regis logo and identifiers. Inside the box is filled with supplies that include post-it notes, paper clips, pen, pencil, scented wipe and a tin of mints.

Rendering of Vignettes for Conference Rooms

Sideboards in conference rooms should include a tea setting display, silver framed images, a signature scented candle and a tailored botanical arrangement.

Event Styling
Information Center where guests can learn about different property locations
Styled vignette showcasing the sport of polo; the 'signature' sport of St. Regis hotels

Styled vignette showcasing afternoon tea service

Seasonal Styling
Spring & Summer Seasonal Styling includes refreshing living rooms with punches of color, with bright accent pillows, botanical arrangements, votives for day to night transition and creative art installations.

Winter Seasonal Styling includes styling the exterior which includes the marquee and outdoor planters, as well as interior features such as the grand staircase. It is also important to include a main visual feature such as a gingerbread replica of each hotel inside the lobby.