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    A fun project that hopefully illustrates how amazing and larger-than-life things can seem during a red-hot American Summer.
The Epic Ice Cream Summer Set
A popular local market in Northern Tennessee was doing a vast restoration and needed to feature the classic selection of ice cream bars from above its newly refurbished Schaefer Ice Cream Cabinet. 

The designs I created will be printed on 16"x20" 24# Gloss Coated for the indoor displays.  And the 60"x14.5" will be laser printed on 28# Silk Coated for the outdoor stand-up. 

Prints in either of the aaffformentioned formats are for sale.  

Depending on the print run, they'll cost about $30-35 per 16"x20", and around $45-50 for the 60"x14.5".

If you'd like a set a package deal can be arranged.

Email me for prices and shipping options.
larger view can be seen here