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    T-shirt given to incoming students during orientation for ArtCenter College of Design in Fall 2016, Spring 2017, and Summer 2017.
On a whim, I decided to enter a shirt-designing contest my school was putting on––the first place prize for which would be a cash payment and to have my shirt printed and sold in the Student Store.

Unfortunately, I used far too many colors in my illustration to have been viable for the store to print and sell. Nevertheless, after my design caught the attention of the Center for Student Experience I was approached and offered the same first place prize, in exchange for permission to print and give out shirts to the incoming students during Orientation Week for the next three terms.

ArtCenter is in something of a transitionary period. Many classes are moving from the hillside campus, or “the Bridge”, down to the south campus as new buildings are acquired. There is a fleet of shuttles that ferry students back and forth around the clock, but there is still a feeling of disconnect.

The purpose of this design was to bring elements of every campus building together in a fun, playful way. New students will instantly be familiarized with the facilities they’ll come to use regularly enough to call home, and old students will find hidden references within the work relating to experiences they’ve had here at ArtCenter.