Artist Series Crayola Box Package.
Companies are constantly looking for ways to show off theirproducts and one way is by conducting an ‘Artist Series’. They solicit artistsin multiple mediums to create packaging, promotions and to modify the productlabel. For this project you are asked to create your own ‘Artist Series’packaging for the 48 crayon Crayola box.

For my 'Artist Series' I wanted to connect with my culture being a Filipino. I created sketches about things you can see in the philippines and for my idea i wanted to create a "One to One" aspect like Toms shoes because growing up in the philippines i saw kids that could not afford crayons. I wanted my artist series to help out kids in need so every box that is purchased by consumers a kid in philippines the same crayons. 

First Sketch
Colorized with Crayola crayons and Manila paper Texture.
Box cuts