I had one goal; Create a strong and unique visual identity and move on to
creating an
 editorial exhibition of sorts that compiled my digital work. What started off as
a college project turned into a journey of self-exploration as I documented my different design
styles, and applied and presented them in this printed portfolio.
The complete Editorial Exhibition 
Below are a series of photographs showcasing the portfolio layout and fold-out  information graphic pages. The complete portfolio can be seen by clicking expand on the image above.
View the full "Evolution of the Human Brain" project here!
One definitely can't consider a branding project complete without producing some wickedstationery & merchandise. In addition to business cards and website [www.meliandrea.com] 

The Kiwi-Horse figure
Below are photographs and digital renders depicting the various stationery
and merchandise material.
The figure was designed in Cinema 4D and can be physically
reproduced using a 3D Printer!
www.meliandrea.com is currently under construction!