Old York City
Hotel concept
Rooftops are New York's analog social networks.
Whether you're a New York original ar a tourist the roofs of New York fascinate everyome.

NYC atmosphere - The sky's the limit - Old York City
The base of "Old York City" is the cultural program which is orgenized by the hotels cultural manager & booker.
A unique cross genre program including local & international artists, musicans, chefs, novelists and people who have something interesting to tell. “Old York City” is a place were people from all over the world come togehter to exchange there passion, knowledge, culture & love!
The roof is a public space for locals, tourists, friends and artists. During the day it is used as a cafe, bar or bistro where you can work, eat, read a book, meet other tourists, locals and buisness partners or just relax and soak up Nes Yorks atmosphere.

ペチャクチャ communication
Since not everyone is a that outgoing "Old York City" is holding presentation events to give people a platform to communicate with a wide audience. To promote the communication of a wide range of interesting topics I allways like to use "Pecha Kucha".
Pecha Kucha - ペチャクチャ comes from Japan and is a presentation methodology in which 20 slides are shown in 20 seconds each. Everybody can talk about anything. Your favorite novelist, NYC anecdotes, your work, art or about the hole in your left sock. Afterwards people have their drinks, walk around and get in touch throug the stories they just heard.

Interior & Exterior
The lobby & rooftop interior is following the color & material concept of old bricks, black iron, patinated wood furnture, contemporary art and glass walls.
The heart of the hotel, the rooftop, have a roof border made of safety glass and gives the old building a distinctive look. For alot of tourists brick buildings stay for NYC like the brooklyn bridge and hot dogs. The whitewashed bricks make it an eyecatcher. The ground floor and the front have big windows to make the lobby a more public space.