For the second of my autonomous F1 concepts, I derived mass and stance inspiration from the unraced, and somewhat unloved Ferrari 312b3 "Spazzaneve". The early 1970s featured minimal, simple planar aero elements, and a short period of the transition from the sleek cigar tube bodysides of the 1960's to the filled in radiator sidepods. This feeling of mid-section girth, with fat tires at the corners and shorter wheelbase has always appealed to me aesthetically. Without driver, packaging can be quite a bit more compact. Regs could reduce overall size of the cars to about 3/4 the size of current, human driven dimensions. More space on the track to pass if the cars are smaller overall- that's a good thing. Again, I'm forgoing advertisements as big elements of the graphics, as my fantasy keeps the big sponsors off of the cars and lets the nationality of the team or aesthetic direction determine the overall color and look, as it was before 1968. Autonmous tech is apparent in the FIA standardized sensor head, the anodized black lens cluster central in the "cockpit."