In 2016, participation in the Moscow international festival "Circle of Light" once again became one of the most ambitious projects for Sila Sveta, the studio of interactive media. Sila Sveta was involved in production of the show — "An Infinite Moscow State University". The idea, the script and the direction of the graphic novel were provided by LBL communication group. The two companies have jointly developed a stylistic decision, visual concept and created all the show.

The show will be presented to the public at the "Circle of Light" on September 23, 24 and 25, 2016: visitors of the festival will see the largest video projection on the façade of the main building of the university complex. It is one of seven buildings included in the list of Stalin's skyscrapers, with a height of 183.2 meters. The sculptural decoration of facade was done in the workshop of Vera Mukhina. Large-scale of the projection surface area makes the show the biggest video projection in the history — it covers​over 40 000 square meters, and its length is 0.5 km. Organizer of the festival provided unique opportunity for Sila Sveta and the space for mapping experiment equipped by 212 projectors.

Video projection on the facade of the main building of the Moscow State University is not only an audiovisual show, but also the whole story of the Moscow State University, scientific discoveries associated with the University, its myths and legends. This project reflects the actual relationship between science and art together: science, like art — it is an experiment giving freedom. Therefore, the dynamic 9-minute time show "An Infinite Moscow State University" — is not only a fascinating story of the Moscow State University, but also an artwork representing contemporary styles of abstract graphics.

Height of projection — 183.2 m          Square area of projection — 40 000 sq. m          Length of projection — 0.5 km

Sila Sveta Team:

Producers: Alexander Us, Alexey Rozov, Denis Astakhov
Art Director: Arthur Kondrashenkov
Creative Director: Alexander Us
Project Manager: Dmitriy Babanin
Production Director: Vadim Vinogorov
Design Director: Ilya Balakin
Supervisors: Vlad Kiselev, Vladimir Mischenko
Concept Artists: Ekaterina Konovalova, Polina Sukhanova
CG Artists: Vitaliy Babich, Maksim Bitiukov, Zoya Kharakoz, Philat Matveev, Daria Shurkina, Aleksander Varlamov, Anton Nguen, Arthur Kondrashenkov, Ilya Volod'kov, Ilya Istomin, Mikhail Dadaev, Maksim Roudakov, Anton Khaikov, Katya Korshunova
Music: Mitya Vikhornov

LBL Team:

Creative Director: Vladimir Demekhin
Art Director: Elena Makarova
Scriptwriter: Aleksey Titov
Project Manager: Larisa Agafonova

Actor: Pavel Rudenko
Filming for CG: Konstantin Bykovskiy

Art of Science (projection show)