University Submission

The submission contains two briefs and two outcomes.

I have decided to choose a live typography andadvertising based brief; from the D&AD 2012 Student Awards.

Create a set of posters forthe iconic Ministry of Sound nightclub.

The posters will be A2 and communicate a clear conceptual themethroughout. The posters will act as a 3-month campaign towards the end of2012 for the clubs iconic Saturdays Sessions nights. The brief sets out thatthe posters can be as literal or abstract as so choose.

I will need to strike some kind of balance between Expression,Experimentation and legibility. As the posters will be used outside, impactwill be key in the success.

My second brief which will is self initiated will take most priority as I feel it will be morepersonal to me as it is based more around my interests in music.
I will create my own music brand and identity. I am heading in asimilar direction as the first brief however I am looking deeper into theartists, finding out their history and what fueled them into the morenon-commercial side of dance music. 

My outcomes are not set in stone as of yet as I want to seewhere my research takes me. I am however interested in creating a club night/sadvertising campaign, this could include, posters, books, zine’s and possibly amap of some sort.

Althoughboth the projects are similar in theme, I aim to product completely differentcontent for each. The D&AD brief is very strict, and although allows forsome flare the outcome is very much set in stone. However my own self initiatedbrief is much more open and allows me to explore my interests more into themore non commercial side of music events/festivals.