Make Sure that Your Belonging Stay Safe During Move
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    9 Simple Tricks to Help Make Sure that Your Belongings Stay Safe During a Move
Using the right size boxes is probably the most helpful tip of all.  You might have been able to find some pretty cheap moving boxes, but you should still pack them properly.  For example, put books in small boxes, which will ensure that you don’t load them too heavy.  Put your light items, like your bedding and linen closet stuff, in the larger boxes.
If you are loading your own moving truck, be sure to start with the heavier boxes.  Put them at the front of the truck to help with balancing the load (or the back of it, depending on how you look at it).
Just because you found a nice stash of shipping supplies doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend some money on other moving supplies.  Like filler!  Brown paper or newspaper or bubble wrap are super important because you don’t want any dead space in your boxes.  Especially if you are using movers, because they won’t move boxes that feel unsecure and loosely packed.
When packing, don’t bring stuff from all over the house.  It might sound like more work to do this, but you could find yourself dragging in other items from different areas trying to maximize your boxes.  Just remind yourself that you got cheap moving boxes and you need to use them, so use filler when necessary and keep like rooms with like!  This will make unpacking so much easier.

Make sure to label each box with what room it needs to go in, and also a brief description of what it is holding.  Avoid such confusing phrases as “miscellaneous kitchen”.  Instead, try “blender, cutting boards, and utensils”.  You can really take your time with unpacking when you do this, and you don’t have to spend any time digging through boxes trying to find a certain item.
One mover’s tip for properly securing your boxes is to tape the sides and top and bottom, sure, but then to also make a couple passes going all the way around.  This should really help with the stress that the sides are going to experience during the move.

Go the extra mile to make sure that your artwork and pictures are properly packed.  Make an X with masking tape across the glass of your frames, and wrap them individually in newspaper or bubble wrap, and then tape a stack of them together.  Use specialty boxes for the big ones! 
Same with the glass picture frames, bundle the rest of your breakables individually in packing paper and then grouped together in packing paper and secured with tape. 
Pack your plates on their sides so the weight of each other doesn’t crush them.