D I S R U P T I O N​​​​​​​
'Art is not always about pretty things. It's about who we are, what happened to us, and how our lives are affected.' 
Elizabeth Broun
Being contracted by South African Mine companies, Mozambican miners go to South Africa to work in mines. Over there, unfortunately, they are exposed to harsh working and living conditions. Being separated from their normal sexual partners as well as their social milieu, miners are driven to alcohol, drug and sex abuse. Engaging in high risk sexual behavior and unsafe sex leads to high prevalence of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). In the end, it makes them vulnerable to HIV/AIDS and a lot of suffering and disruption in their lives...
The Concept of Disruption
A composition of cracks and rocks that act a s a reflection of the 'mines', are illustrated on a portrait that  refers to a cracked diseased person and exposure to hard conditions. The overall concept of the illustration is a metaphor to the 'Disruption' and 'Suffering' that is being faced by the miners. 

© Marina A. Tharwat, 2016
Publication by Emilia Martins (Phd)
Cover Art: Marina A.Tharwat, 2017 - 'Disruption'
​​​​​​​Published and Printed in BrusselsBelgium 2017
University of Antwerp
Original: 42*50 cm
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