VADER/ANAKIN Ambigram for SWDBDG 24th June 2012

I'm a Star Wars fanboy (hence the tattoo on my left arm), and I was asked to contrbute an artwork for the annual SWDBDG --Star Wars Day Bandung-- 24th June 2012. So I decided to pay a homage to the greatest villain of all time and galaxy, Darth Vader.
The Concept And Design Process
I want to portray the duality of Lord Vader or the transformation from Anakin Skywalker to Darth Vader. and Ambigram fits for the job.
As you can see, ambigraming ANAKIN and VADER was easily achiveable using black letter fonts. But those typeface doesn't blend well to the whole universe of Star Wars. It needs to be more blocky and metal-y. So I doodle up some more.
And ultimately came up with this:
So, I fire up Adobe Illustrator and start vectoring. And this is the final Ambigram piece.
I didn't spend much time in designing the final artwork. I just using some images that I found on the Internet, blob some splatter here and there, add some grunge texture, add shiny metallic surface and voila! here it is:
SWDBDG - Star Wars Day Bandung - June 24th 2012
I want my piece to be hung on the wall and visitors can rotate it at will. So the people of SWDBDG print my artwork, paste it on a piece of cardboard and devise an engenious yet simple mechanism for the rotation to work (Involves a small rotating disc usually intended for cake decorators to decorate their cakes).
And thats all.
Sorry, I forgot to capture the rotating action on video.
Thank you for the people of SWDBDG. See you all next year. May the force be with you.