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    This project playfully explores Ambient Information Design/ Data Sculpture
an inflatable sculpture controlled by real-time online sexual activity

Modernists erected skyscrapers as a testament to the power of the industrial age, the binary number one emerging from ground zero. Our power today comes not from factories but from a machine we cannot fully see, the biggest machine we've ever built, the internet. This sculpture is the internet's carnal desire: an ocean of desire, rising and falling as it recieves the rivers of the desires of us all. We don't become aware of this collective desire throught our intellect: this is not about interpreting connected strands of colors or reading intricate patterns from dense maps. Instead, it's visceral: monolithic, pulsing, red and aggressive, getting under your skin, making you feel as if you are in the presence of the genitals of the giant internet whose body is everwhere and everyone at once, like a god, and that genital is being stimulated, is getting hard.
Below: photographs of installation at volte gallery, mumbai.