Over consumption 
Ashraf E.Shalaby
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Love Adict
By : Abdelrahman Adel
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Rock of delusions By : Ahmed El Gezery
Getting rid of a truth makes us wiser than getting hold of a delusion.
Eucharist By : Eslam Fekry
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By : Ahmed Karam
Insinity of killing
By : Mahmoud Ali

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Right or wrong
By : Mohamed Monem
By : Hazem Turky
It's in my head, darling, I hope that you'll be here
Ruins of mind By : Abdo Hassan
We had a chance to go anywhere we want Anywhere we want, anywhere we want And we did all that we could till the end.
Expatriate  By : Sherif Ali
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Out Of Balance  By : Ahmed Karam
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SILENCE BEAT By : Ahmad Al Jazzar
It's about someone shattered inside after living a broken relation Then you become a living creature but you don't give care anymore With a silent feeling what ever you feel or sense then break his heart, to changed his life, to dark life, distance it from childhood It makes of you a lifeless creature but she's alive, in a vague future, and a silence heart. "then she became on the Edge of insanity"
Edge of insanity  By : Mahmoud Ali
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Over Thinking can kill  By : Amr Adel
The innocent By : Mina Fathalla
We get to be not so rational, specially when being driven by a sincere emotion.

Silence before insanity By : Ahmed Shalaby
Release Your Wings By : Ahmed N.Fathallah
"In A World Denies You, Ignores Your Power, Ignores Your Precious, Ignores Your Humanity, Ignores Your Freedom!, You Should Fight! Be Strong! Be Independent! Be Free!...Get Out Of This Madness!...Release Your Wings!"

Shock By : Mohamed Elbehairy
How it felt to have the world moving beneath me, a hand gripping mine, knowing if I fell, at least I wouldn't do it alone.
Vallend  By : Mahmoud Ismail
Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is insanity.
By : Nadine Alaa El Din
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Phoenix II - Edge of insanity

Phoenix II - Edge of insanity

Edge of Insanity Careful with your feelings, you may hurt yourself loving someone. Not only by loving though, as humans we always want more, thi Read More


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